Photo of Robert

Robert "Bo" Wholey
Chief Executive Officer

Bo joined Long Ridge in 2017, having previously worked as an infr…

Photo of Vance Powers

Vance Powers
Chief Financial Officer

Vance Powers is Chief Financial Officer for Long Ridge, joining t…

Photo of Mark Barry

Mark Barry
Program Manager

Mark Barry is the Program Manager for the 485-megawatt Long Ridge…

Photo of Dean DeGross

Dean DeGross
Chief Accounting Officer and Controller

Dean DeGross is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experi…

Photo of Len Paugh

Len Paugh
Head of Gas Development

Len Paugh brings more that 30 years of oil and gas experience to …

Photo of Ed Myers

Ed Myers
Head of Data Center Development

Ed Myers brings more than two decades of telecommunications infra…

Photo of Morgan McCutchan

Morgan McCutchan
Vice President, Terminal Operations

Morgan McCutchan is Vice President of Terminal Operations with ov…

Photo of Robert Nye

Robert Nye
Director of Commercial Power

Robert Nye joined Long Ridge in June 2021 as Director of Commerci…

Photo of Sammy Henteleff

Sammy Henteleff
Director – Strategic and Financial Planning

As Long Ridge Energy Terminal’s Director of Strategic and F…

Photo of Nicole Woolensack

Nicole Woolensack
Office Manager

Nicole Woolensack joined the Long Ridge Energy team in 2017 as th…

Photo of Jacob Biehl

Jacob Biehl
Director of Land

Jacob joined Long Ridge in January 2021 as Director of Land. He b…

Photo of Zach Lemon

Zach Lemon

Zach joined the Long Ridge Energy team in January 2021 as the Dir…